Will Smith Demos

by Pamola

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This album was recorded with two microphones on a digital tascam portastudio in the winter of 2009. These songs were created between spring of 2007 and winter of 2008. 30 copies of the album were burned onto CD-R, each one uniquely titled and labelled, and passed out at our first non-Pittsfield show, Braincore, at USM. One of the demos, distinguished by the name "Will Smith" written on it, made its way to Mark Dennis, who has referred to these as the "Will Smith Demos" ever since.

Shane Huffer - Drumset
William Carr - Bass, Guitar
Jonathan Downs - Guitar, Bass
Matthew Houston - Guitar, Mbira, Vocals
Travis Mencher - Vocals


released April 25, 2009



all rights reserved


Pamola Portland, Maine

We played 41 shows between May 16, 2008 and September 8, 2011.

The name is taken from a legendary spirit in Abenaki mythology believed to dwell on top of Maine’s highest point, Mt. Katahdin. The Spirit is part man, part moose, and part eagle. Pamola causes the storms. ... more

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Track Name: The Deep Breath I
Going to sleep for a long time
Reoccurs in his mess of a mind
In danger of going crazy?
He's convinced of it

He's a liar
I'm sure you haven't lied ever

Not even maintaining consistent thoughts of going to sleep for a long time
He doesn't dream anymore!
What will a dreamlessless sleep feel like?

Wants to hide.

Now he's revealed
A coward.
A coward and a liar.
Track Name: The Deep Breath II
There is this angel
With a dozen suitcases.
It's really just a guy.
And these many suitcases
Are carried everywhere---
One foot forward,
One by one
Up and down
Streets and halls
And stairs
And the dogs stare.

I'm nervous watching them,
And being watched.

This is something difficult
I can't make myself care.

It's freezing, and I'm cold.
Apathy is getting old.
Warm up.

Come on, think of something better.
Track Name: The Deep Breath III
Old mountains in summer coats
Presiding as judges over deep green ponds
And the water throws up an image
Playfully distorted, and inoffensive

Worn rock suffers onslaught after onslaught
Rounded grey cubes happily wearied from salty blows
Fluid stone pistons beat and roar
Innocently attacking the saw blade shore

We're between-
An isolated corner.
Feel so distant-
Can't be heard.
Is miles away.
And you-
Can't be seen.

It seems that in this post-modern world access to all information becomes quicker and easier. Walls between genres and media dissolve, where the intent is to make visible the connections between all aspects of our world and in turn make us feel closer to it all. I just feel terrified watching choices increase so rapidly, and local communities merge into something more global. More than ever I feel distant from my peers as niche communities collapse as a consequence of the internet, where I learn and hear everything I need instantaneously, never living it, necessarily removed.
Track Name: The Deep Breath IV
Locked in

Hard to move
Steps go nowhere
So distant

Hard to say
Thoughts unclear
So distant

And one strives
To make sense
Of these difficult

Can't predict
Cannot know
So one labors on

Be still
Trembling thoughts
And help me

Be sure
Nervous feet
And move me

What's going to happen to us?
Track Name: Winter
Designate bounds
Transform the sounds

Freedom is Staggering
Clamouring, moving
Floor is Twitching
Stop shaking

Cold slips up your sleeve
Losing your leaves
Winter Tree
Black Arteries

Stretched against sky
Rattling out sighs
Many paths
So many paths

Trace branches, seek sources and ends
What yields what, many connections

Can't see past zero
Just pushing, and the pushed pushes

I imply, over and over
Down lots of tunnels

I'm implied, by a web
A naked tree of decisions and occurrences

I change every instant
Arranging conditions
Pushing, Dizzying progressions

Fit on a template
Need to understand it
Without rhythm I couldn't follow it

Clutch close, don't break

I trust myself
I can survive
Be readily responsible
Be acutely alive

I trust us
We will survive
Strongly strive now
Strongly strive
Track Name: Take Boba Fett Seriously
When light burns out we'll rebuild it in the basement
But until then keep moving.
Actions make me, I make myself

Too quickly, slower now
It's been this fast all along
Have you got a plan? I forgot what light looks like.

Grasp at something before the air runs out
We let our treasures decay so quickly
Would you ever want to do this again?

I don't think I'd ever repeat
It's terrifying how quickly things grow
Hold on to something until things slow down.

Would you live your life again?
You're supposed to say yes.4
Track Name: I Know I'll Miss You
Excuse my explosion
Heart pumping blooded commotion
Articulate acute sentiments
Suffer acute consciousness

Doomed to be free or blissfully chained?
Choke on thick words, stiff and strained.
I hate doing nothing but I can't do anything.
I hate doing nothing.

I can't see it and I'm horrified.
I still worry when you're with me.
Nothing is unbearable, Everything moving-
And most of it infinite, unknowable space.

This plan is broken
This plan is a waste
There is no good in empty space

I worry less when you're with me,
And you don't worry at all
You're beautiful, don't deny it
I know I'll miss you

So we die for Him?
Delay death then deceased devotee.
Something's wrong, I don't buy it
Fanatical rationale doesn't justify it.

Soldiers die, Rapists die, Infants die
You and I will try to ignore it.

My body is heated and heavy marbles
And a punch to the gut.
Broken brightness, bullet-fast,
Marvel at the similar and unending past.

Limbs seize
Body freezes
Mind is racing
Mind is sprinting

The burden gets bigger but it doesn't break my back.
Track Name: An Old House
Brittle Frame

Stiff Old Wires
Faded Paint

You used to be alive
And your face was clear
And I wish you were up

I don't want to hear words from the rubble
Now that you're covered
Honestly, I won't strain my ears
You used to be tall
And you were bright

Straighten out
Move forward
You used to be alive

Restless Feet, Patter out some rhythm
Feel the clouds, they're cool and moist in your throat
Undergo, Overcome, those changes
Slopes and tall steps, flat earth and rests
Travel thoroughly, skip nothing
Include it all, let it collide, watch closely

Old House
Old Ruin
Can't Fix You
Can't Rebuild You