Moonlanding EP

by Pamola

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We recorded this over the summer of 2010. The band-minus-violin tracked live in Jonathan's barn in Pittsfield. Violin and vocals were recorded in Matt's bedroom in Farmington one afternoon while finishing off several bottles of wine. We borrowed a lot of microphones from Mark Dennis. Thank you, Mark. Mixing was finished in time to take copies of this on our tour in July of 2011 with Butcher Boy and The Waldos. No one bought any, and we still have some CD-Rs somewhere. Mark found one recently, and said he liked it.

Despite having more unrecorded music and a few very rough recordings, also from 2010, this is the last work that we will demonstrate for the foreseeable future. Our lives are grape shot.


released July 15, 2011

Shane Huffer - Drumset
William Carr - Bass
Jonathan Downs - Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Houston - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Swegart - Violin, Vocals



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Pamola Portland, Maine

We played 41 shows between May 16, 2008 and September 8, 2011.

The name is taken from a legendary spirit in Abenaki mythology believed to dwell on top of Maine’s highest point, Mt. Katahdin. The Spirit is part man, part moose, and part eagle. Pamola causes the storms. ... more

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Track Name: Two Owls
“I’ve been thinking for a long time, why aren’t we all just like brothers to one another. Why does even the best of us seem to hide something from other people and keep something back from them? Why don’t we say straight out what’s in our hearts, if we know that our words will not be spoken in vain? As it is, everyone seems to look as though he were much harder than he really is. It is as though we were all afraid that our feelings would be hurt if we revealed them too soon.” (White Nights, Dostoevsky.)

Let me into your heart
It's never my say
Say outright what is in your heart
I should have said something

Things left unsaid linger for a while
And they work their way around your heart's fibers.
A great deal of sadness has come into this world because we never talk.

Nastenka, please don't tear from me.
Please don't go, leaving me tattered.
Track Name: Fhloston
Welcome to beautiful Fhloston Paradise!